And six months later. On this stupid night. I feel my heart broken all over again. Too may feels tonight. I’m up and down. My heart is in pain. I feeeeel pain.
I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

Work is super fun though and a great escape from everything so that’s amazing.
Haven’t had alcohol in weeks so the beer belly is going down so that’s good lol

Ugh but after everything
The pain returns
I can’t wait to feel like a whole person again
Instead of broken into a million pieces

Apparently I have a lot to say tonight!

I’m feelin the love 💛💙💜💚❤️

The first time I watched a mom watch her daughter take her first steps, I wanted to cry

When I taught my nephew how to swim and to watch how happy and proud of himself he was, I wanted to cry

When I watched my friend watch her daughter see and talk to Santa clause for the first time, I wanted to cry

Ugh these moments make me happier than anything. They’re so beautiful 💜
One of the things I love about myself is how much I love the little things.

I’m so happy for my sister, brother, mom, and bestfriend.
They’ve all found the love of their life 💛
It’s so beautiful to sit back and watch
Yay for being the ninth wheel when we’re all together lol

Thank you for following back and you are beautiful and i hope you had a great day :)

Hey no problem :) thank you so much and yeah I had a great day! :)


Have a nice time.

I just need time.